Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mary Meyer Blankets and Wubbanubs

We have so much new merchandise that needs to be added to the website. We are working hard to get everything up. For today, we have added some new items from Mary Meyer. We have some super cute new wubbanubs. In case you haven't seen them, wubbanubs are amazing. These cute stuffed animals are 6 inches and have a Soothee pacifier attached. Both of my nephews love their wubbanubs. They are easy for babies to hold on to since the animal is attached. For very young infants, t
he animal helps keep the pacifier near the baby because of the weight of the stuffed animal.

These are so cute and so well-designed. Everyone should try this great pacifier. But beware, you will want more than one if your child falls in love with a particular one.
Also from Mary Meyer, we have matching "lovie" blankets. These cute blankets are 17 inches square

and feature satin trim on the edge. They come with such cute animals in the center. The designs are refreshing and cute. The blankets can be personalized with baby's name for an extra-special keepsake.
Things are busy here with school starting this next week. We also have Christmas merchandise arriving every few days. We are always looking for new and different items and we have an amazing one coming up. You will have to check back to find out what it is. I am going back to working updating the website. More news to follow.


mae said...

its so cute i like the texture im planning to have one lol .
by the way did you make it by yourself? im so impress. god speed thanks for the info have a great day.


Debra said...

Thanks for the comments. We order the lovie from Mary Meyer but we do provide the embroidered personalization.