Saturday, October 23, 2010

Personalized Gifts for Christmas

It is still really warm here in Northern Alabama. They say we may have storms on Sunday that will bring in some cooler weather. It is so hard to think about Christmas shopping when it is this warm. Both of my boys have promised to start making a Christmas list for me. They are older now (19 and 13) and it seems to get harder and more expensive to shop for them each year. I would love to say that I am an early shopper but normally I am running around at the last minute trying to finish up. My ideal Christmas shopping involves sitting in my comfy chair and shopping online. How about you?
We have some fun Christmas gifts in stock at MyEmbroideredGifts. We have the cutest plush mailbox from Baby Gund. The Been Good for Goodness Sake Letter Box is a cute corduroy mailbox that will make a great family keepsake. It measures 5in H x 6.5in W x 4in L. The corduroy mailbox opens and closes with touch and close fastener. Inside the mailbox is a red felt envelope and 20 pre-written letters to Santa. Year after year, your children can use this mailbox to deliver their letters to Santa. We have a super sweet My First Antlers Reindeer that would be a great plush gift for any child's first Christmas. We are thrilled to be carrying several new items from Lipstick Shades. The super cute melamine personalized plates would make a great gift for any season. There are some Christmas themed gifts and some for any time of year. We also carry personalized aluminum water bottles. Well, there are some great SEC football games going on so I think I will go check the scores. Have a great last week of October!


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Alison said...

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